Listening to and understanding our inner sufferings will resolve most of the problems we encounter. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Awareness in itself is healing. – Frederick Perls

Are you feeling stressed?

Maybe there’s some anxiety on top of the stress?

Is all of this stress and anxiety causing your immune system to create havoc on your life?

Are you a discerning woman ready to be your own shero?

Are you ready to feel empowered, have a stronger immune system, and have joy in your life?

My Vision

Offering an efficient framework of total well-being for busy remote tech employees who seek more focus and a healthier, more resilient life.   

My Mission

I specialize in realistic, sustainable and nourishing wellness practices that reverse stress and allow the body to heal.

Welcome home to you.
I invite you to explore your Omthentic Self through the living wisdom practice of ayurveda, yoga, and meditation. Calm your breath, still your mind, and bring yourself to your center.  When you are balanced, you are present and aware showing up as your best self and inspiring others to do the same. 

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Omthentic you
Monica Stein ~ Omthentic.You@comcast.net