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January 30, 2022

Discover Your Purpose!

Who am I?

What do I want?

What is my purpose?

Reconnect with your wisest Self in this 2 hour workshop. (limit 6)

During our time together we will experience Purpose, the first cornerstone of Chopra’s Well-Being Coaching Model. The more you know about your inner purpose, the clearer your outer purpose can become.

If you are ready to drop the drama and step into your dharma, join me on Sunday, January 30th, 2022 at 2pm-4:00pm PT.

This experience includes discovering:

  • who you are at your core
  • your legacy
  • your super powers
  • your own purpose statement!

Walk away feeling empowered in 2022.

Your investment? $50 until 1/9/2022.

Sign up here!

registration closes January 23, 2022



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Discover Your Purpose

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