Are you ready to awaken and flow in your own life?

engineering experience + ancient wisdom =

a well-rounded perspective to mind, body and spirit with a blend of healing modalities.

I am a healer, coach and animal rescue advocate, using my intuition and heart centered awareness to inspire you to lead joyful, authentic and empowered lives.

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Lifestyle Engineering

Live an Omthentic Life created by you for you. Experience the four cornerstones of the Chopra Well-Being model and shift into being by embracing your whole omthentic self.

*Who am I?

*What do I want?

*What is my purpose?

*What am I grateful for?

My Chuppah

Ayurvedic Consult

Discover your Omthentic Self by exploring your dosha (mind body constitution) and applying ancient ayurvedic wisdom to your life.

Eat, sleep, exercise and live in accordance to your personal dosha.

My pendulum

Energy Shift

Are you ready to make shift happen and create space for what you really want in life?

Get started with:

*yoga for YOUR body

*meditation for YOUR mind

*Divine Whispers reading personalized to YOU.

Você foi uma insperiação para mim na aula passada. Adorei seu atendimento, o uso que você faz da meditação. Parabéns, você é uma terapeuta muito legal


I am ready to create an omthentic life for myself.

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